About us

           We are a professionally managed, technically innovative supplier and service provider of air care and wash room hygiene products based in Ajman, UAE. Our team comprises decades of hands on experienced people who can introduce, install and service the equipments. We are proud to be a partner in introducing a new generation of ecofriendly air freshners and worlds first to use oxy-gen powered technology. We offer a wide range of fragrances which effectively mitigate bad odour in the air, freshers the air with nice smell. They neutralize malodour's such as cigarette smoke, garbage, kitchens, bathrooms, pet smell, sweat and create a pleasant clear sensation. They stimulate and refresh our mood, alleviate stress, ease depression and boost concentration. Besides Air care products we provide the following:-

Hygiene and cleaning products

Personal care products

Floor care products

Kitchen care products

Paper products

hygex zing flavour

A freshly sliced, mouthwatering
mandarin fragrance sweetened by lush, juicy orange.

hygex punch flavour

A tropical sensa tion that blends light fresh citrus with sweetmango and sun-ripened papaya.

hygex blush flavour

A warm and subtle
combination of ripe berries for a juicy,fruity scent.

hygex adore flavour

A sophisticated fragrance that combines fresh apple notes with amber and spices.

hygex flora flavour

A soft and warm fragrance highlighted by a white flower bouquet.

hygex tang flavour

An intensely fruity perfume with hints of orange supported by warm spices.